/  Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian

Joze Piranian is coming to The Arc’s big event this Fall to give the closing speech. Joze is an award-winning motivational speaker and comedian whose talks about inclusion and resilience draw from his own life experiences as a person with a disability.

Joze is a lifelong stutterer turned global TEDx speaker. For over 25 years, he avoided speaking almost entirely because he was afraid people would judge him for his stutter. But he overcame his fears and broke down barriers to inspire people all across the world.

Joze’s accomplishments are as impressive as his journey. He’s given 5 viral TEDx Talks and is a Forbes-featured stand-up comedian who has performed in 4 different languages across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2017, Joze won Speaker Slam’s Inspirational Speaker of the Year award. He’s on a mission to change our relationships with fear and discomfort and help us embrace our authentic selves, messages that have resonated with millions online and at premier organizations like Google, Tesla, Meta, and IBM.

From avoiding the spotlight to addressing world-class audiences, Joze Piranian (pronounced Jo-Zae) will now bring his messages to The Arc’s stage.