2017 Opening General Session

The Inclusion Agenda: How Media, Fashion & Corporations are Supporting Inclusion

Thursday, November 2, 2017
3:45 p.m. 

With disability rights stories grabbing headlines across the globe, and a surge in retail and entertainment focus on the disability community, it feels like disability is having a “moment” these days. But we at The Arc know the battle for inclusion in all aspects of society has been long, and it’s not over yet.

Television shows like Born This Way and Speechless, and advertising campaigns that include people with disabilities, are helping to change public perception about people with disabilities, and they recognize the power of these consumers. Join us for a panel discussion about current gaps in inclusion and what is being done in the entertainment industry, through advertising, television, within non-profits, and in partnership with corporate entities to foster inclusion at all levels. Katie Driscoll, founder and Chairman of Changing the Face of Beauty will be joined by Jonathan Murray, CEO of Bunim Murray Productions and Executive Producer of Born This Way; actress and model Jamie Brewer; and Jeff Blade, CEO Of Matilda Jane Clothing, in an honest and in depth conversation about the progress being made and how others can help expand inclusion.