Pramila Balasundaram

Prameela is the founder of SAMADHAN an NGO , set up in1981 with focus on children with intellectual disability impacted by poverty. The first center in Dakshinpuri, a low soioc economic community is the target service area .In response to the quality of life in Dakshinpuri ,an innovative model of service delivery provides early identification and intervention , special education and therapy with the community making it accessible . Local community women and mothers of the disabled are trained as partners in service delivery .Linking disability, women’s empowerment and disability won her the World Bank award for innovation and the Award of Recognition from Inclusion International, She was past president of AFID She has contributed to national and international journals and presented papers in more than twenty international conferences and authored . Sunny’s Story, a fiction based on a true story of a boy with Downs Syndrome,

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