Klaus Lachwitz

Klaus Lachwitz is President of Inclusion International. A lawyer by profession, for more than 30 years Klaus was working for Lebenshilfe, Germany, which is the official member of Inclusion International. His field of expertise was predominantly disability rights and human rights. He has held positions as a member of the Council (1986 – 1998) and Honorary Secretary General of Inclusion International (1990 – 1998). He has written a booklet: “Human Rights and Intellectual Disability – A Guide to international Human Rights Instruments for Persons with Intellectual Disability”, published by Inclusion International in 2002, where he summarized Inclusion Internationals` knowledge and positions regarding international human rights treaties and laws. One of the highlights of his career came In January 2004, when he represented Inclusion International in the working group established by the UN – General Assembly to draft a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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