Jennifer Hermann

Jennifer A. M. Hermann has proudly been involved with The Arc Baltimore, beginning as an intern in February 2011 and moving into full-time employment in September 2011. December 2011, she graduated from the University of Baltimore with her master’s degree in Applied Psychology: Counseling. July 2014, Jennifer became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. May 2015, she successfully met the professional counseling standards established by the Board and in so doing had earned recognition as a National Certified Counselor. April 2016, she completed training for becoming an LCPC Approved Supervisor. Since September 2009 she has been a member of the American Counseling Association, and in 2013 she became a member of NADD. In her multiple roles, Jennifer continues enjoying her work and ongoing interactions with the variety of people she provides supports while at The Arc Baltimore. Jennifer is also known to be an avid lover of all things pumpkin & Disney.

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