Bruce Uditsky

Bruce Uditsky, M.Ed., Chief Executive Officer, Inclusion Alberta and Adjunct Professor, Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies, Community Health Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. Bruce is internationally recognized for his leadership and advocacy in social justice and inclusion for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. He serves in an advisory capacity to government on many issues and is currently engaged in contributing to the development of Alberta’s policy framework on inclusive education. Bruce is considered one of the co-founders of inclusive post-secondary education and Rotary Employment Partnerships both of which have been acknowledged as world leading global innovations. He has consulted in many countries and is the author and co-author of books, chapters and articles on inclusion. Bruc, with his colleague Dr. Anne Hughson, developed an acclaimed family leadership series. He is the parent of two adult sons, one of whom has intellectual disabilities.

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